Macintosh / iOS programmers 
First Wednesday of each month @ 7PM
Bldg E-51, Room 315/MIT in Cambridge MA

Topics in Using Swift

The first half hour to hour, we have an open discussion session and "Bring out your code."  For "Bring Out Your Code" session, members can bring in intractable bugs, and we'll help debug them as a group.  We don't guarantee success, but our track record is very good. Our final hour is for the presentation. No dues, no fees, no costs.

Our presenter is Matthew Fremont.  This will be a good demonstration for both beginners who are trying to grok introductory iOS and advanced people who are looking to help with these challenges. Here's what he'll be talking about:

I will be presenting the graphing calculator that I've developed in Swift. The app is based on the assignments and lectures from the Stanford iTunesU course "Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift". 

My goal is to make this an interactive discussion about a few topics in using Swift for developing iOS apps. I will start with a short demonstration of the calculator's ability to graph polynomial expressions, and then dive into the code to explain how the design and implementation blends object-oriented and functional programming styles in Swift. The blending of styles is exemplified by the design of the stack used to model the user input and the interface between this model and the custom drawRect() method that renders the graph using the Core Graphics API. Depending upon interest and time, we can also explore the the challenges of unit testing this app's controllers and views, some strategies that are useful, and the the two different styles I've used to write the unit tests.